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Survivor, The

Horror movie by David Hemmings from 1981.

Survivor, The

Australia, 1981, 87min
Director: David Hemmings

Robert Powell, Jenny Agutter, Joseph Cotten, Angela Punch McGregor, Peter Sumner, Lorna Lesley, Ralph Cotterill, Adrian Wright, Tyler Coppin,

An icon of british cinema David Hemmings (Blowup, Dying for a long day) recorded in 1981 mystery horror by the bestselling James Herbert. When an experienced pilot Keller getting it on in the cockpit of the transport plane 747, he took it as a matter of routine. But then something happened and the plane mysteriously crashed. 300 people ended shortly after take-off in the flames. Only one disaster survivor, it's just Keller, but suffered short-term memory loss. Was it coincidence, or have in the whole of the events of the fingers supernatural powers, which they have with the pilot ulterior motives? Tangled threads slowly begin to fit together and to all involved with uncovering a terrifying secret!
Budget: $1,200,000
Genre: Horror Mystery Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 57 %
Rating by imdb.com: 52 %

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