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Live Animals

Horror movie by Jeremy Benson from 2008.

Live Animals

USA , 2008, 84min
Director: Jeremy Benson

John Still, Christian Walker, Jeanette Comans, Paula Allen, Patrick Cox, Sarah Ewell, Scott Fletcher, Michael McLendon, Jay Munn, Bill

Shocking and brutal horror from the environment of trafficking in human beings. Even more brutal than the horror movie Saw! Inspired by real events. And again, "remástrovaný image, a new authoring and bonuses", even when it comes to the premiere launch... a Group of college students leaving to spend the weekend at the cabin. Their stay but degenerates into a fight for survival when they are kidnapped by a trader with the people named Wayne. He has on an old horse farm full of cages of young people. Men are destined to work in mines and women to brothels around the world. Wayne's brutal henchman Edgar will stop at nothing, to of the prisoners made obedient slaves suitable for sale. All of the groups are gradually sold or killed, and only two – Nick and Erin. You desperately try to escape. Will they regain freedom? Incredible game of life begins. The Film contains brutal scenes and therefore in any case not suitable for youth up to 18 years!
Budget: $50,000
Genre: Horror

Imdb.com CZ

Rating by horrory.cz: 25 %
Rating by imdb.com: 33 %

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