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Marsh, The

Horror movie by Jordan Barker from 2006.

Marsh, The

Canada, 2006, 92min
Director: Jordan Barker

Gabrielle Anwar, Louis Ferreira, Forest Whitaker, Peter MacNeill, Niamh Wilson, Joe Dinicol, Brooke Johnson, Kenner Ames, Jessica Greco, Ryan

Claire Holloway (Gabrielle Anwar) is an accomplished young author of many successful books for children. Her personal life however, the fairy tale in any case not like. Claire constantly haunted by evil visions of violence and death. In order to get rid of evil thoughts gives Claire on the advice of his doctor and goes on a sabbatical. Decide for rural farm Pink marsh, which but a little too reminiscent of a house, that she reveals in horrifying dreams. Just a minute after arrival, Claire is disturbed by a series of escalating unexplained events. He finds himself in a frightening world controlled by the spirit of ten year old girls – the girl Claire saw already so many times in my dreams. Therefore, to the farm comes a charming and handsome publisher of the local newspaper Noah Pitney (Justin Louis) and a specialist in paranormal phenomena Hunt (Forest Whitaker academy award nominations, 2006), to help her find a reasonable explanation of the strange events. They will together uncover the dark secrets of the village and get rid of Claire once and for all the sleepless nights?
Budget: $9,000,000
Genre: Horror Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 49 %
Rating by imdb.com: 48 %

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