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Horror movie by Balázs Hatvani from 2013.


Hungary, 2013, 83min
Director: Balázs Hatvani

Ashley Lloyd, Erin Hayes, Tim Curry, Lance Henriksen, Michael Winslow, Brad Dourif, Sean Young, Michael Cannell-Griffiths, András Koloszár, Joshua

A group of high schoolers from Los Angeles to spend their free time after school in the vicinity of the hollywood hills, when he unexpectedly meets with the local school loser Sam Tull (Ashley Luke Lloyd), who just goes around up in the mountains. Sam is in fact, the average teenager who would be willing to do everything they can to impress a girlfriend of the player of the school football team Biff (Michael Cannell-Griffiths), Jenny (Erin Hayes). Biff and his friends constantly convince Myself, to go to an abandoned amusement park and has proved his mettle during the welcome ceremony, which the grand prize is a dream girl. Sam with the challenge of agrees, but Jenny it doesn't leave a complete adventure itself, and posing as him to the carnival, leaving behind Biff and his angry bunch. Awesome, years abandoned amusement park, however, under the cover of darkness hides a special surprise for the two visitors. Specifically, the entities, which spends time not only discussing scientific considerations and the mutual teasing, but they enjoy the torture of innocent victims to wander into the amusement park. Monsters with great affection chasing its prey and tries to annihilate what most entertaining way. Try to break it up in their head and messing with their skulls, or with them just talk about how they want to spend the last minutes of their lives. The main characters, however, will not lose his head so easily and while fleeing from a mysterious Gingerclownom (Tim Curry) and his minions, they will find a solution how to get revenge on the residents of the carnival and escape from the gloomy place. Or not?
Genre: Horror Comedy

Imdb.com CZ

Rating by horrory.cz: 33 %
Rating by imdb.com: 59 %

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