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Wild Grizzly

Horror movie by Sean McNamara from 2000.

Wild Grizzly

USA, 2000, 101min
Director: Sean McNamara

Riley Smith, Michele Greene, Fred Dryer, Courtney Peldon, Steve Reevis, Daniel Baldwin, Brendan O'Brien, John O'Hurley, Ron Roggé, Valerie

From the reservation escaped under mysterious circumstances, a huge grizzly bear, who begins his spree to scare the small mountain town of Pine Lake. And because the situation is still more serious, someone needs to go to the nearby forest and do something with it. A town paralyzed with fear hires through ranger Frank Bradford (Fred Dryer) expert wildlife tracker Jack Buck (Steve Reevis - Wolf-the spectre [2010]), to the bear went. In the meantime, go to the mountains also Harlan Adams (Daniel Baldwin - the King of the ants [2003], Vampires [1998]) with a custom search group to the bear was found and killed. However, they are not the only ones. Into the woods is also issued to the sixteen-year-old Josh Harding (Riley Smith Gallowwalkers [2012]), a city boy, who moved here only recently. Although it still hasn't come to terms with the death of the father, and has considerable problems with the environment, which somewhat unfairly taking out on sympathetic Terry (Courtney Peldon - Mortuary [2005]), which tries to become a friend, as the only one he wants to bear to help, because as one of the few gave the job to figure out why the bear from the reservation he escaped and why he is aggressive. As the last into the woods releases josh's mother Rachel (Michele Greene), when she finds out that her son is gone, and finds out where it went. Issues to look for him, but yet he loses and tumbles into an abandoned mine shaft, in which by mere accident did the new den also escaped grizzly. The fight begins with time, in which Josh with the help of Frank and Jack trying to save the bear from Harlan and his hunters and at the same time to save Rachel from a bear, the most dangerous killer of the american wilderness.
Genre: Horror Adventure Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 38 %
Rating by imdb.com: 42 %

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