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Doktor Dracula

Horror movie by Al Adamson from 1978.

Doktor Dracula

USA , 1978, 88min
Director: Al Adamson

John Carradine, Don "Red" Barry, Larry Hankin, Geoffrey Land, Susan McIver, Regina Carrol, Jane Brunel-Cohen, Norman Pierce, Paul Thomas,

Count Dracula interferes with the master hypnotizérem Svengalim in the fatal duel of two of the undead legend. About their resurrection, they took care also movie star JOHN CARRADINE (the Howling of werewolves, the Curse of Halloween) and LARRY HANKIN (money talks, Pretty Woman). Prominent author John Wainwright claims he is the reincarnation of the infamous "driver thinks" Svengali. Using black magic he's gonna do with the ritual burial of their latest women's victims, which will stimulate the curiosity of the strange dr. Gregorio, which is in fact the count Dracula. The ruler of the vampires for a long time, definitely climb up from their centuries of hiding and embarks on a journey, at the end of which can only become the only bloody winner.
Genre: Horror

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Rating by horrory.cz: 31 %
Rating by imdb.com: 18 %

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