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Guilty of Romance

Horror movie by Shion Sono from 2011.

Guilty of Romance

Japan, 2011, 144min
Director: Shion Sono

Makoto Togashi, Megumi Kagurazaka, Kazuya Kojima, Satoshi Nikaido, Ryûju Kobayashi, Shingo Gotsuji, Motoki Fukami, Chika Uchida, Marie Machida, Ryô Iwamatsu, Hisako Ôkata,

The Enfant terrible of japanese cinema and one of the most interesting directors currently Sion Sono at his most recent image the viewer does not spare, does not slow on the story, but on the contrary, headlong takes him into the action already during the first five minutes. Police detective Kazuko is called to the finding zohyzděné and dismembered corpses of young women to parts of the city, which is a paradise of prostitution and where they are located the houses of love. Go into a murder investigation. In the next chapter we follow the story of a young Izumi, who is married to a famous writer of romantic stories, but their own marriage is full of cold and routine. Izumi gradually begins to discover their sexuality and pent-up passion that it completely engulfed. Neither the investigator Kazuko, although she's married, plus the mother of a small daughter, is not against love and romance immune. As in the previous slides is for Elephant Sona story a pretext to dive into the human soul, into its most secret and innermost recesses. The theme of the image also corresponds to its visual aspect – the film revels in gaudy colors.The story is loosely inspired by the real events of 1997, when there was a murder of Yasuko Watanabe, who worked as a senior economic researcher in the company TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) and at the same time at night was a prostitute in the Shibuya area in Tokyo.
Genre: Horror Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 69 %
Rating by imdb.com: 68 %

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