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Dracula II: Ascension

Horror movie by Patrick Lussier from 2003.

Dracula II: Ascension

USA , 2003, 85min
Director: Patrick Lussier

Jennifer Kroll, Jason Scott Lee, Craig Sheffer, Diane Neal, Khary Payton, Brande Roderick, Jason London, Chris Hunter, Tom Kane,

When Dracula finally burned up on the cross, everyone thought that it is forever dead, but it underestimated the strength of the lord of vampires. Two pathologists when examining shořeného the body detects that it is about a vampire and start to experiment. Bloodbath bring Dracula back to life, because they want to uncover the mystery of immortality. Even the iron shackles but they can't lord of the vampires hold, and the only salvation of mankind is the mysterious priest and a vampire hunter Uffizi gallery, which is just as ruthless as himself, Dracula! A bloody fight starts again!
Budget: $3,200,000
Genre: Horror

Imdb.com CZ

Rating by horrory.cz: 36 %
Rating by imdb.com: 45 %

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