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Horror movie by Aaron Fjellman from 2021.


Great Britain USA, 2021, 81min
Director: Aaron Fjellman

Edi Gathegi - Harlow Reid, Melora Hardin - Officer Sacks, Angela Sarafyan - Amber Reid, Tony

Psychiatrist african origin was found to be of murdering his wife and sentenced. He was taken to a federal prison, and here placed in isolation - in a cage. In the cage is slowly awakening your inner demons consume Dr. Harlow Reid (Edi Gathegi) from the inside. Slowly comes the madness and the tipping point is fast approaching. The guards in the prison using their own forms of justice, which are not in accordance with federal laws nor moral ladder. Dr. Reid slowly is subject to internal demons and ceases to believe in their own innocence, and the game of your own mind is starting to lose. In the cage (Caged) is an american horror with co-productions of Great Britain, which made Aaron Fjellman as his first full-length picture. In the main roles we will see the Edi Gathegi as the imprisoned psychiatrist, Melora Hardin as officer Sacks, Angela Sarafyan as Amber REid, Tony Amendola as Warden Perez, Robert R. Shafer as Ganser and James Jagger as Zeke.
Genre: Horror Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 32 %
Rating by imdb.com: 31 %

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