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Killing Ground

Horror movie by Damien Power from 2016.

Killing Ground

Australia, 2016, 88min
Director: Damien Power

Tiarnie Coupland - Em, Harriet Dyer - Sam, Aaron Pedersen - German, Stephen Hunter - Chris,

When young urbanites Ian (Ian Meadows - Scare Campaign [2016]) and Sam (Harriet Dyer) decide to go camping, they arrive at their isolated destination to discover another tent already set up, but no sign of its owners. With the other campers at large, Ian and Sam's discovery of a child wandering alone sets off a terrifying chain of events that will push them to their limits – and beyond.

Killing Ground is a 2016 Australian slasher horror movie.

Budget: $1,300,000
Genre: Horror Thriller

Number of Deaths: 5

Imdb.com CZ film trailer

Rating by horrory.cz: 62 %
Rating by imdb.com: 59 %

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