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Two-Fisted Tales

Horror movie by Robert Zemeckis, Tom Holland, Richard Donner from 1992.

Two-Fisted Tales

USA, 1992, 88min
Director: Robert Zemeckis, Tom Holland, Richard Donner

William Sadler, David Morse, Neil Giuntoli, Roderick Cook, Thomas F. Duffy, Monty Bass, Mel Coleman, Grant Gelt, Paul T.

Bold stories arose, like a Horror series Tales from the crypt, the suggestions comicsových stories, published by William M. Gaines. In their implementation met the trio of renowned hollywood directors: Richard Donner (the omen! [1976]), Tom Holland (fright Night [1985], Child's play [1988]) and Robert Zemeckis (Below the surface of the [2000]). Rather than the visual aesthetics of the cartoons here, the authors were inspired by a specifically comicsovým concept of storytelling. Short stories, loosely attached to the figure of the demonic narrator of mr. Rush's (William Sadler - Tales from the crypt: the Knight of the Demon [1995], the Mist [2007], the Mountains drenched in blood [2009]), is a common straight forward story line, interested in the flip, dark side of the world, and free time management. In the story Battle you gunslinger enough to notice that he died, and he must return and relive his death, and in the story of the King of the road chasing a former car racer in his past in the form of a evil driver. For the protagonist of the short story a Coward, a frightened young lieutenant Calthrop (Kirk Douglas), the whole world collapses in a single moment. In her just before death, will understand how cruel game with him plays his father (Eric Douglas) just to maintain his own military honor.
Genre: Horror Thriller Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 76 %
Rating by imdb.com: 61 %

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