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Voodoo Possession

Horror movie by Walter Boholst from 2014.

Voodoo Possession

USA, 2014, 94min
Director: Walter Boholst

Ama Amoafo-Yeboah, Davante Bell, Tomas Boykin, Ryan Caltagirone, Allena Cayce, Dominic Conti, Corey Deshon, Gabriele Eggerling, Treva Etienne, Duke

Cynical Aiden Chase (Ryan Caltagirone) travels to the haitian institute for the criminally insane, where the tracks lead after recently missing brother, Cody. The institute finds that the patients, including the administrator (Danny Trejo - Predators [2010]) are possessed by a bloodthirsty voodoo spirit feeding on their blood and fear. Using a voodoo shaman tries to get into the world of spirits, to liberate the soul brother. If he can't stay there forever and ever.
Genre: Horror Mystery Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 24 %
Rating by imdb.com: 24 %

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