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Horror movie by Kevin Tenney from 1986.


USA Great Britain, 1986, 98min
Director: Kevin Tenney

Todd Allen, Clare Bristol, Burke Byrnes, Ryan Carroll, Gloria Hayes, Tawny Kitaen, J.P. Luebsen, Rose Marie, Stephen Nichols, Susan

Evil, suspense and horror enters the lives of Linda (Tawny Kitaen), Jim (Todd Allen) and Brandon (Stephen Nichols), when they fall into the power of the ouija table Ouija board. At one party, Brandon brings up the spirit of the boy David. Them to be able to table mocks and there's a fight. In the end it stays with the table Linda herself. Begins to experiment and falls into the power of the spirit, which believes that it is the spirit of little David. Her life is getting more and more scarier. When he is murdered, jim's best friend, enters the scene, the woman - medium Zarabeth (Kathleen Wilhoite), who has the evil spirit away. Also, she is dying. Rely on themselves to reveal Them and Brandon, and the evil spirit Malfeitora, which is using the table wanted to empower the Lindy. That's when Jim realizes that it is for Linda able to sacrifice the life...
Budget: $2,000,000
Genre: Horror Mystery Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 60 %
Rating by imdb.com: 53 %

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