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Horror Movies by Stephen King

Cujo Cujo
USA, 1983, 93min
Director: Lewis Teague
Now there's a new name for terror...
Bloody index: 0%    Fear: 0%    Deaths: N/A
Horror Rating:
Rating 55% Imdb.com 59%
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Creepshow Creepshow
USA, 1982, 120min
Director: George A. Romero
Jolting Tales of Horror!
Bloody index: 0%    Fear: 0%    Deaths: N/A
Horror Rating:
Rating 70% Imdb.com 69%
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The Shining The Shining
USA Great Britain, 1980, 146min
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick's epic nightmare of horror
Bloody index: 20%    Fear: 98%    Deaths: N/A
Horror Rating:
Rating 88% Imdb.com 84%
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Carrie Carrie
USA , 1976, 98min
Director: Brian De Palma
If only they knew she had the power.
Bloody index: 60%    Fear: 46%    Deaths: N/A
Horror Rating:
Rating 74% Imdb.com 74%
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