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Long Time Dead

Horror movie by Marcus Adams from 2002.

Long Time Dead

France Great Britain, 2002, 94min
Director: Marcus Adams

Joe Absolom, Lara Belmont, Melanie Gutteridge, Lukas Haas, James Hillier, Alec Newman, Mel Raido, Marsha Thomason, Tom Bell, Michael

On the one night party, a group of students allowed to provoke to play with the ouija table and spiritismem. Fun but very quickly begins to change into a nightmare when they read the message: EVERYONE DIES. Ouija table (weeja, weeji) is the name for a board with letters, numbers and other characters around with a moving pointer, which is used for messages and answers to questions in spiristických séances. (yes = French oui + German ja). Students are scared going into their homes, but one by one they become victims in a disturbing series of murders. The other well knows that he must somehow stop the evil that awoke before there's another death. But time inexorably goes by and the number of deaths is constantly increasing. Friends discover that they can't trust anyone, not even each other.
Genre: Horror Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 39 %
Rating by imdb.com: 47 %

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