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Horror movie by Gary Jones from 2000.


USA, 2000, 94min
Director: Gary Jones

Lana Parrilla, Josh Green, Oliver Macready, Nick Swarts, Mark Phelan, David Carpenter, Leslie Zemeckis, Mark Totty, Andrew Stoddard, Jonathan

A gigantic spider mutated alien DNA devours the inhabitants of an american city. Stop tries to a young journalist and a secret agent. A young reporter Marci Eyre is obsessed with aliens and theories about government conspiracies, thereby getting on the nerves of not only your boss. It's no wonder. Just finished an interview with two alleged aliens, who her attention turned to a secret base in the nearby desert. Here are unusual experiments whose goal is to create the perfect weapon by combining a spider and an alien. The project under the name of the Mother-in-law are just going to the determining step, which takes place on board the space shuttle Solaris, where the scientists are going to inject alien DNA into the body of the spider. But just at that moment the shuttle is hit by a huge solar eruptions, which mutates the spider, out of the operation of the apparatus, and Solaris starts hurtling to the Ground. Turns out a piece from the secret base and witness its impact also happens to Marci, who together with the photographer Slick and hacker Jake going to reveal a secret base. Decide the space to explore, but at the moment appear a dead crew and a disfigured half-dead captain, they come in troops the leadership of special agent Gray and his deputy John Murphy. Trinity is satisfied that with the Gray is no fun, when he sees how cold-bloodedly shoots the scientist, running to the captain was transported to the hospital. When a spider with alien DNA accidentally ends up on the sole agent Murphy, the entire team is downloaded and after the destruction of the space shuttle returns to base, where you are able to penetrate also Marci and her colleagues. Here, however, shortly, panic breaks out, because of the captain's body climbs a giant spider, which turned out to be from eggs, which until his body laid a mutated spider. He kills two of the scientists and disappear in the bowels of the base. While Marcy with colleagues trying to flee from soldiers who discovered them, the spider will look for the special unit and when it encounters already has a monster, over two meters and playfully deal with them. Kills also Jake, who tried to dispose of and to a giant spider web in the elevator shaft in a cycle of also Marci with Slick. Marci is eventually freed and with the help of agent Murphy escapes from the base, but when it arrives to the editorial office, waiting for them to Gray, which is not only a psychopath, but also the next spider incubator. Before they just hurt is ripped apart and of is the bowels comes the spider, which in a short time will reach a giant size and begins to dispose of the newsroom. Marci and Murphy want to warn the residents, but you know Marci and her obsession with fantastic stories and too doesn't trust her. Of course only until the spider bursts into the streets and starts to the residents of the town to eat. Marci Murphy are committed to the spider discarded because they understand that the world is grave danger. Every next generation of spider is several times larger than the previous one.
Budget: $2,000,000
Genre: Horror Sci-Fi

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Rating by horrory.cz: 17 %
Rating by imdb.com: 38 %

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