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Wolf Man, The

Horror movie by George Waggner from 1941.

Wolf Man, The

USA , 1941, 70min
Director: George Waggner

Lon Chaney Jr., Claude Rains, Ralph Bellamy, Warren William, Patrick Knowles, Bela Lugosi, Maria Ouspenskaya, Evelyn Ankers, Fay Helm,

Horror classic, which on the cinema screen brought one of the most famous monsters! Lon Chaney jr. portrays Larry Talbot, who arrives at his father's (Claude Rains) castle in Wales and meets a beautiful Jenny (Evelyn Ankersová). That fateful night, Talbot accompanies the girl to the carnival and on their way they meet a mysterious gypsy woman. The seer the girl reveals the grim fate that awaits her. Ominous mysterious atmosphere amplified by the splendid crusade and the creeping music made from Werewolf masterpiece cherished by fans of all genres.
Budget: $180,000
Genre: Horror Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 75 %
Rating by imdb.com: 73 %

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