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Skeptic, The

Horror movie by Tennyson Bardwell from 2009.

Skeptic, The

USA , 2009, 89min
Director: Tennyson Bardwell

Tim Daly, Tom Arnold, Zoe Saldana, Edward Herrmann, Andrea Roth, Robert Prosky, Bruce Altman, Lea Coco, Sara Weaver, L.J.

Death of the aunt of the famous lawyer Bryan Becket (Tim Daly) accompanied by very special circumstances. Her nephew moves into his inherited victorian mansion, where the allegedly haunted. In the house there are really strange incidents, which the staunch skeptic at first ignores. Then the target of the haunting becomes himself and Bryan in his hard shell slowly cracks begin to appear. Voices and phantoms in the night's darkness, clues of a terrible secret – it all makes yet coldly rational Bryan embark on a quest for the terrifying truth that could ruin him. The him, however, as a fleeting shadow is still missing and the whole he appears at the very end of the film.
Genre: Horror Thriller

Imdb.com CZ

Rating by horrory.cz: 49 %
Rating by imdb.com: 56 %

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