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Suicide Club

Horror movie by Sion Sono from 2001.

Suicide Club

Japan, 2001, 99min
Director: Sion Sono

Ryo Ishibashi - Detective Kuroda, Akaji Maro - Detective Murata, Masatoshi Nagase - Detective Shibusawa, Sayako

A detective is trying to find the cause of a string of suicides.

Suicide Club, known in Japan as Suicide Circle (自殺サークル Jisatsu Sākuru) is a 2001 Japanese independent horror film written and directed by Sion Sono. The film explores a wave of seemingly unconnected suicides that strikes Japan and the efforts of the police to determine the reasons behind the strange behavior.

Suicide Club gained a considerable amount of notoriety in film festivals around the world for its controversial subject matter and gory presentation. It has developed a significant cult following, and won the Jury Prize for "Most Ground-Breaking Film" at the Fantasia Film Festival.

Budget: $250,000
Genre: Horror Mystery Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 69 %
Rating by imdb.com: 66 %

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