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Sharktopus vs Pteracuda

Horror movie by Kevin O'Neill from 2014.

Sharktopus vs Pteracuda

USA, 2014, 84min
Director: Kevin O'Neill

Robert Carradine - , Tony Evangelista - , Rib Hillis - , Conan O\'Brien - ,

An American scientist creates a half-pterodactyl, half-barracuda creature, Pteracuda, which inevitably escapes, leaving the Sharktopus to stop it.

Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda is the sequel to the 2010 SyFy original monster film Sharktopus and has premiered on August 2, 2014. The film is produced by Roger Corman, who directed the Conan O'Brien cameo, and starring Robert Carradine as Dr. Rico Symes, Katie Savoy as Lorena Christmas, and Rib Hillis as Hamilton. Other actors in the movie include Conan O'Brien, who makes his acting debut in a scene described as "truly violent, patently disgusting and darkly humorous". It is the second film in the Sharktopus franchise.

Genre: Horror Sci-Fi

Imdb.com CZ film trailer Sharktopus vs Pteracuda on Wikipedia

Rating by horrory.cz: 35 %
Rating by imdb.com: 35 %

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