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Awaken the Shadowman

Horror movie by J.S. Wilson from 2017.

Awaken the Shadowman

USA, 2017, 90min
Director: J.S. Wilson

James Zimbardi - Adam Morris, Skyler Caleb - Jake, Jean Smart - Evette, Emily Somers -

Estranged for years since a devastating and horrible tragedy back in 1964, siblings Adam (James Zimbardi) and Jake (Skyler Caleb) reunite once again when unexpectedly, the former receives an emergency phone call from his brother informing him that their widowed mother Evette (Jean Smart) has been inexplicably missing for days. Without delay, Adam troubled by the alarming news, returns to his hometown with his wife Beth (Emily Somers) and baby Emma, only to be awkwardly welcomed with open arms by the pervading members of the local cult-like bereavement group called "Gateways" and their rather cryptic guru leader Lawrence (Raam Weinfeld). Undoubtedly, there is more than meets the eye, moreover, as the two brothers search for answers in the secretive neighbourhood, at the same time, the dark presence of a grim and haunting spectre seems to be strongly attracted by infant Emma's innocence. Is there a chance of eluding the malignant otherworldly visitor?

Awaken the Shadowman is a 2017 american horror movie starring James Zimbardi, Skyler Caleb and Jean Smart. Music by Douglas Pipes (Krampus [2015], Trick'r Treat [2007])

Genre: Horror Mystery Drama

Number of Deaths: 1

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Rating by horrory.cz: 42 %
Rating by imdb.com: 54 %

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