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Under the Shadow

Horror movie by Babak Anvari from 2016.

Under the Shadow

Great Britain, 2016, 84min
Director: Babak Anvari

Narges Rashidi - Shideh, Avin Manshadi - Dorsa, Bobby Naderi - Iraj, Ray Haratian - Mr.

In Tehran 1988: the iran-iraq war lasted for eight years. The pursuit Shidehi to return after the birth of a daughter Dorsy on the medicine is for her politically active past is impossible. The husband must fight in the war and the iraqi aircraft is flying dangerously close to her apartment. If she stays with her daughter at home alone, the girl begins to get sick, and is extremely restless. Shideh first subsidiary tantrums for the lost doll pays any attention, but gradually begins to have the feeling that is threatening the denim - malicious spirits, who come with the wind. In his feature debut combines Babak Anvar social criticism of the period, with a classic horror story, and thus creates a film that is as intelligent as scary. Veiled shadow represents Shideh as a strong, defiant woman, frustrated by the company, which it constantly admonishing her for her independence. A woman who lonely and struggling with the many dangers of the real and the supernatural world in an attempt to save yourself and your child. (Art Film Fest)
Genre: Horror Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 59 %
Rating by imdb.com: 71 %

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