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The Call Up

Horror movie by Charles Barker from 2016.

The Call Up

Great Britain, 2016, 90min
Director: Charles Barker

Max Deacon - Carl, Morfydd Clark - Shelly, Ali Cook - Edward, Christopher Obi - The

A group of players of online games is invited to test a new virtual game with a special helmet and suit for the most faithful rendition of reality, which is almost close to reality. The task sounds to defend against a group of terrorists in a skyscraper, where each floor is a new level and zábránit bomb explosion in the basement. Later he finds out that the suit or helmet can not in any way take off and the missiles in the game they suit vicariously by means of sensors operating a real pain and in the case of non-application of the "health pack" and kill. Walk away from the game can be only theoretically the survival of all levels, and even then, survival is uncertain... In the main roles we will Morfydd Clark (Pride, Prejudice and Zombies [2016]), Parker Sawyers and Chris Obi led at its debut by director Charles Barker.
Genre: Horror Action Sci-Fi

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Rating by horrory.cz: 54 %
Rating by imdb.com: 47 %

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