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Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story

Horror movie by James Moran from 2015.

Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story

USA, 2015, 92min
Director: James Moran

Alexandra Breckenridge - Sara, Jake McDorman - Charlie MacNeel, Alexandra Holden - Rose, Doug Jones -

Journalistic team from a small town discovers a box of videotapes, where a mysterious figure in a dark suit chasing, abusing and torturing the family. Slowly it leads to madness. By playing all of the images group finds out that the family of the house nevytlačila bank and precarious financial situation, as it seemed at first glance, but the true cause is much more sinister. In addition to the mysterious stalker appears again and begins to apply his ways to the curious journalist.
Genre: Horror

Imdb.com CZ film trailer

Rating by horrory.cz: 41 %
Rating by imdb.com: 53 %

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