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Hard Ride to Hell

Horror movie by Penelope Buitenhuis from 2010.

Hard Ride to Hell

USA, 2010, 94min
Director: Penelope Buitenhuis

Miguel Ferrer - Jefé, Laura Mennell - Tessa, Brendan Penny - Danny, Katharine Isabelle - Kerry,

Kerry, Dirk, Jason and married Danny and Tessa are engaged in humanitarian work. They're on their way into one home. Tessa recently had a miscarriage and with my husband Danny and I want to help others forget their unhappiness. In the evening they camp out in an abandoned camp. Before he settles, comes a man named Bob. Well he knows the county, because it is as a businessman with the knife still on the road. Evening all having a good time, drinking and Dirk goes into the woods to urinate. How is obveselený, little strays. Hit the fireplace, in which some kind of ritual. Present girls are forcibly svlečeny and then pojídány. Dirk has no idea that he had met with the clan of immortals, which leads a man named Jefé. Seventy years ago, he discovered a temple dedicated to the black magic, has become immortal and the ritual he gave this privilege to other members of their group.When Dirk long, anyway, try with him Danny on the radio. The tweet, however, Dirk giveaway and immortal made him want to catch. Dirk runs to the caravan, yelling at the others to immediately mounted and started, but the pursuers are faster. Only Kerry can hide. Jason will kill jawbite now for the caravan and the others taken away in handcuffs to the fire. Dirk cut off his hand, Danny is bitten and Tessa has to become the demon queen. Jeffé explains to her that she was destined. He even knows that recently lost a child. Has put Jeféovi son whose birth will bring eternal darkness... (iPrima)In the main roles we will see Katharine Isabelle in the role of Kerry, known to be from movies of the Vampire [2011], 13 Eerie [2013] or the Invisible evil 2 [2014], Brendan Penny in the role of Danny, Laura Mennell as Tessa, or Miguel Ferrer as Jefé, which you could see in scary movies the Babysitter [1990], Twin Peaks [1992] or the Night flier [1997].
Genre: Horror Action Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 22 %
Rating by imdb.com: 42 %

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