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Bad Taste

Horror movie by Peter Jackson from 1987.

Bad Taste

USA, 1987, 88min
Director: Peter Jackson

Terry Potter - Ozzy, Pete O'Herne - Barry, Craig Smith - Giles, Mike Minett - Frank,

The population of a small town was attacked by a group of man-eating aliens, and cut them to pieces. The attackers are searching for other human bodies to use in their hamburgers. They intend to actually make the Earth stand fast food... (VHS) Aliens doing business in the food industry will visit the new zealand town of Kaihoro. The first samples are so surprising that the production of homoburgerů waiting for a stellar future, of course....! There's a special squad And.Also.D.With. (Alien Investigation Defense Service), which under the leadership of the fearless Derek (Peter Jackson) will announce the space gourmets bloody duel. The phenomenal debut of new zealand director Peter Jackson, of the Green Raoul anglo-american cinema, belongs to the unforgettable satirám of all time. The image, which was in its time (1987) the nightmare of many censors, and in Germany was banned completely, not sparing the peculiar humor and a bravura visual style. In addition to the evil aliens, they get a beating even the Beatles, including one of an innocent sheep. (Artfilm)
Budget: $25,710
Genre: Horror Comedy Sci-Fi

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Rating by horrory.cz: 77 %
Rating by imdb.com: 68 %

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