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Horror movie by Režie: Tobe Hooper from 1985.


Great Britain, 1985, 116min
Director: Režie: Tobe Hooper

Steve Railsback - Tom Carlsen, Peter Firth - Colin Caine, Frank Finlay - Hans Fallada, Mathilda May - Space

At 14:30 Greenwich mean time 9. August is the shuttle H.M.With. Churchill, on board with britskoamerickou crew closer to the goal of their mission. It is the observation and study Halley's comet. It is found weak radar interference emanating from the veils of the comet. A more detailed examination reveals the huge ship, which is drifting in the tail of the comet. Not responding to any call and so is the crew considered to be an empty shell drift through space. The captain therefore decides to visit the unknown spaceship. Everything is going smoothly. The crew of the huge ship finds in addition to the dried remnants of some form of life resembling bats and also three glass coffins with two men and one woman. You are transported to Churchill, and the ship is issued towards the ground. After 30 days without contact with the space shuttle Churchill is decided on a rescue mission to find the crew of the ship and find out what happened. All I find are the floating remnants of dried people and three glass coffins. However, it is found that the missing escape pod, which is later found and in it even the captain of the space shuttle Churchill Carlsen (Steve Railsback - the Spirit of the underground [2005], Alligator 2: the Mutation [1991]) with a terrifying story that occurred in the return of the ship to the ground. Coffins are reviewed and kept, but suddenly disappears the glass shield and the woman from the coffin together with the two men he wakes up to life. A woman walks out from a military base and leaving behind the body of the people, which sucked out the energy. After her footsteps is posted Carlsen together with one expert, who tries to help and keep an eye on him, Caine. Both are getting out of London, to then find out that they are the last two people who can prevent the drain of energy from the entire human population.
Budget: $25,000,000
Genre: Horror Sci-Fi Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 65 %
Rating by imdb.com: 61 %

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