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Mum & Dad

Horror movie by Steven Sheil from 2008.

Mum & Dad

, 2008, 84min
Director: Steven Sheil

Perry Benson, Dido Miles, Olga Fedori

Polish immigrant Lena is the cleaning lady at Heathrow airport. After one shift she'll miss the bus, but my friend Birdie her fortunately very happy to offer a sleepover in a family house near the airport. Even Lena doesn't know that it gets into the hands of the psychopathic mama and papa, who is directly under the ranvejemi created their own world where they rule their rules and laws. The image, which begins as a social drama Mike Leigh, very quickly turned into a bloody and sick game of survival, in which initially uncertain Lena can argue certain points, and to get the attention and perhaps even the trust of my mom. Image does not prevent the very black humour and peculiar way parodies the lifestyle and daily rituals of the british family. The director for the film adds: "I Grew up in the shadow of Heathrow airport and the sounds that you hear in this film are the sounds of my childhood." A snapshot of Mom and dad was shown in the Uk on television on Christmas day and woke up a very controversial reactions.
Budget: $150,000
Genre: Horror Thriller

Imdb.com CZ

Rating by horrory.cz: 63 %
Rating by imdb.com: 58 %

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