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Sometimes They Come Back

Horror movie by Tom McLoughlin from 1991.

Sometimes They Come Back

USA, 1991, 97min
Director: Tom McLoughlin

Tim Matheson, Brooke Adams, Robert Rusler, Chris Demetral, Robert Hy Gorman, William Sanderson, Nicholas Sadler, Bentley Mitchum, Matt Nolan,

Jim (Tim Matheson) returns to his hometown. Always remembers the time when he was killed by his brother. The unfortunate event took place thirty years ago. Them it has constantly before his eyes. Changed his whole life. Since then he became aggressive and nesnášenlivým. He had to leave school, to which he now returns as a teacher. When he first enters the class and sees some of the students, is horrified at their appearance - reminiscent of the fact the murderers of his brother. Wonders how is this possible? From solving the mystery becomes an obsession. In the city begin to happen strange things. Multiply murder. The sheriff begins to suspect the new teacher, everything began with his advent to the town. They must refute the charges. In order to save himself and his family, is forced to explain the uncanny resemblance of the killers from the time thirty years ago with current students. From the search results, there's only one possible explanation: the killers return from the grave and continue their crimes. To confirm the correctness of his surmise, chooses his own death. Only in this way can enter into the "life" in the afterlife and to prevent additional murders. The image was created according to the short stories of Stephen King, whose name is a sufficient guarantee of the high quality of the genre.
Genre: Horror Thriller Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 57 %
Rating by imdb.com: 56 %

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