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The Funhouse

Horror movie by Tobe Hooper from 1981.

The Funhouse

USA, 1981, 96min
Director: Tobe Hooper

Elizabeth Berridge, Shawn Carson, Jeanne Austin, Jack McDermott, Cooper Huckabee, Largo Woodruff, Miles Chapin, David Carson, Sonia Zomina, Ralph

When four young friends accidentally sees the guard from the Waxworks murder the oracle, working on the pilgrimage, forever they will change your life. Some more – these are the ones that guard with the human body and the head monster falls into their clutches, and some of the less – lucky ones who spree monster will survive and the rest being spend in the hospital mentally ill. To which group you join you? You will cowardly run away and cover your eyes or boldly stand up to the horrors and enter together with us into the depths of the Waxworks? The decision is entirely up to you, but don't forget – we've warned you!
Genre: Horror

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Rating by horrory.cz: 58 %
Rating by imdb.com: 59 %

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