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Ring Virus, The

Horror movie by Dong-bin Kim from 1999.

Ring Virus, The

South Korea, 1999, 108min
Director: Dong-bin Kim

Eun-kyeong Sin, Doo-na Bae, Joo-sang Yoon, Yeon-soo Yoo

Followed by the death of her friends, journalist Hong Sun-Joo (Shin Eun-kyung) comes across a videotape containing incomprehensible images. Towards the end of the tape, she finds the curse which states that the viewer would die at the same time next week if he/she does not perform certain tasks. However, the next scene explaining the nature of the task has been erased. Sun-Joo and a doctor named Choi-Yul (Jung Jin-young) embark on a journey to break the curse placed upon them. They discover that the videotape was made by the psychic called Park Eun-Suh. Eun-Suh (Bae Doona) was an illegitimate daughter of a female psychic and was born a hermaphrodite. She was romantically involved with her half-brother and worked in a night club for a while. There, a man who found out about her secrets was killed as she had the uncanny ability to protect herself. The video tape is the medium Eun-Suh uses to reveal herself to the society. Her first exposure to the media was a painful experience, which caused her to withdraw from the outside world. When it became difficult for her to relate to the society, she retaliated by infiltrating it like a virus. The way of infiltration is one-way only and any attempt to block the process ends in extremely negative consequences.

The Ring Virus is a South Korean horror film adapted from the Japanese novel Ring by Koji Suzuki. A joint project between Japan and Korea, this version has Park Eun-Suh as the creator of the cursed videotape.

Genre: Horror

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Rating by horrory.cz: 48 %
Rating by imdb.com: 63 %

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