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Horror movie by G. Cameron Romero from 2014.


USA, 2014, 99min
Director: G. Cameron Romero

B.J. Hendricks, Ian Hutton, Eli Jane, Elina Loukas, Matt Mercer, Ace Marrero, Val Mulligan, Madeline Merritt, George Cameron Romero,

Theatre director Charlie Buckwald (Ian Hutton) is on the verge of the peak of his career and going to his masterpiece of theatrical art. Shortly before the premiere, however, disappear, and gradually begins to die his whole crew. The strange interplay of coincidences he notices an investigative journalist Jack Humphreys (B.J. Hendricks) and decides to start with the investigation of the circumstances of his disappearance and mysterious deaths. What, however, will reveal, is much more sinister than anyone expected.
Genre: Horror Drama Comedy

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