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The Brotherhood III: Young Demons

Horror movie by David DeCoteau from 2002.

The Brotherhood III: Young Demons

USA, 2002, 82min
Director: David DeCoteau

Kristopher Turner, Paul Andrich, Ellen Wieser, Julie Pedersen, Andrew Hrankowski, Landon McCormick, David Johnson, Matthew Epp, Carl Thiessen, Eva

In the ordinary american high school will meet the eight young people, who are members of a secret medieval group. One evening break into a school, where they intend to play the fantasy game. They have costumes and medieval weapons. Still believe that they play the game. In fact, it is the school gate to another world, and dark forces intend their gaming fantasies turn into terrifying nightmares. One after another attacks the supernatural power and zchvacuje their souls. On one single student remains a difficult task to deal with the devil. Otherwise there is a risk, that is all shall perish. Horror series the Brotherhood: the Brotherhood [2001], the Brotherhood: the Community of evil [2001], the Brotherhood: Young demons [2002], the Brotherhood - Black skull [2005], the Brotherhood 5 [2009], the Brotherhood 6 [2009]
Genre: Horror Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 20 %
Rating by imdb.com: 23 %

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