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Bag det stille ydre

Horror movie by Martin Schmidt from 2005.

Bag det stille ydre

Denmark, 2005, 93min
Director: Martin Schmidt

Anne Birgitte Lind, Jakob Cedergren, Dejan Cukic, Andrea Vagn Jensen, Lykke Sand Michelsen, Laura Christensen, Rebecca Løgstrup, Per Andersen,

It is said that before moving, it is better to prefer straight up burn out. And in the case of a young married couple Signe and Tommy (Anne Birgitte Lind and Jakob Cedergren), who together with the daughter (Rebecca Løgstrup) decided to change the housing and pointed it directly into the old, strange and at first glance not very friendly villa, apply this claim doubly. They chose indeed the house in which, as he soon finds out, it certainly won't be living alone. Shortly after the arrival begin to become witnesses to the inconceivable, supernatural phenomena, which clearly say that at this point something really bad has happened. Not too long ago. Worst fears the new owners will soon come true. In this special, the intrusive piece of architecture three years ago would kill for. And someone wants to see a bloodbath fades into oblivion. But deciphering the mysterious puzzles, what's really going on here, can happen to every seeker of truth's life. And maybe even more. Exciting Danish horror thriller filmed in 2005, the director Martin Schmidt.
Budget: $1,500,000
Genre: Horror Mystery Drama

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Rating by horrory.cz: 47 %
Rating by imdb.com: 45 %

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