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Horror movie by David A. Prior from 1983.


USA, 1983, 87min
Director: David A. Prior

Ted Prior - Chuck, Linda McGill - Joni, John Eastman - John, Janine Scheer - Mary,

Even before David And. Prior sent his brother to the forest with mulletem and in shorts to hunt rogue mercenaries in the movie Deadly prey, or to the gym chasing a serial killer on a Murderous aerobics, armed with this creative duo video camera and film a horror film about a demonic killer with a hammer, which takes the phrase "knock people in the head" fundamentally, literally. Debut Priorových originated in amateur conditions, filmed mostly in David's apartment, the filmmaking crew consisted of people from the local advertising company and the acting cast consisted mainly of the director's friends. Himself Ted Prior, who at that time had already taken root as a model, doing so is not only representative of the main role, but also created the logo of the film, in the opening credits crushed with a hammer. Although this shock piece today dropped more in oblivion, definitely worth it to go back to him. It's hard because you can find esenciálnější VHSkovou experience. It is historically the only the second movie filmed entirely on a camcorder (the first was on Otrlci already referred to a boarding house for unmarried ladies), and authors with a variety of its features such as slowing down of the image, color filters and a variety of blend effects fill of win. In addition, can the film also be viewed as a concentrate of osmdesátkového bad taste, the highlight of which is probably one of the nejupatlanějších battles with food in the history of cinema. Pure guileless authenticity of the acting performances here he meets with fantasmagorickými halucinačními scenes, which would demonstrate that the VHS does not have to be just technology, but also a lot of a specific state of mind. (Festival of the thick-skinned viewer)
Budget: $40,000
Genre: Horror Thriller

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Rating by horrory.cz: 58 %
Rating by imdb.com: 48 %

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